Creation and Maintenance of Optimal Environments

Creation and Maintenance of Optimal Environments

Maintenance Culture Limited is a facility management company with expertise spanning over 20 years of providing facility maintenance, training and consulting services. We are particular about customer satisfaction, experience and the impression we leave our clients with.
We are passionate about driving the culture of maintenance in our environment.

Our Services
Janitorial/Office cleaning Post-Construction cleaning
Residential cleaning Floor maintenance and restoration
High-Rise Window/ High-Rise Facade cleaning Consulting and Support services
Fumigation & Pest control Horticultural services
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We are Highly Compatible

We have designed our company with multiple levels of accountability. Our skilled, professional team leaders, lead workers, supervisors and management personnel constantly monitor and inspect our work to assure you of the highest possible quality. If there's ever a problem, we will know about it before you do, and fix it immediately.

We come highly recommended.

Achieve Enhanced 'Work- Life' Environment